Christianity is Not a Religion.


It will come as a shock to many Christians to know that Christianity is not a religion. If it were a single, coherent belief system its adherents would share most of the same beliefs and values.


Christianity is like Europe


Christianity can actually be broken down into five major religions.


The first was founded by Jesus Christ. It taught that most suffering in the world was caused by human behavior, through sin.  The remedy was obedience to the will of God. Every human was free to choose between good and evil. This was the Gospel of Love.


The second ‘Christian’ religion was created by Bishop Augustine in the 5th century. Suffering was caused by the original sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Because of that rebellion God was filled with wrath. The only remedy was baptism by a Catholic priest. Anyone who died unbaptised, even an innocent infant, was condemned to eternal Hell. This was the first version of the Gospel of Wrath. It was the beginning of Christianity splintering into ugly aberrations of religion.


A thousand years later, Protestant Reformers rejected Catholicism with such violence that millions of so-called Christians murdered one another. Did Luther and Calvin restore Jesus’ Gospel of Love? No. They resurrected Augustine’s Gospel of Wrath in a new Protestant Gospel of Wrath that denied free will and condemned untold billions of non-Protestants to eternal damnation. 


The fourth version of Christianity was the Gospel of Anti-Wrath. It was not so much an organized religion as personal rejection of the Gospel of Wrath. Multitudes of believers refused to accept that God’s defining characteristic is anger imputed on billions of people because of the ‘original sin’ imputed from a wrong-headed literal reading of an allegory about free will and personal responsibility.  They couldn’t believe that an omniscient deity failed to anticipate that humans would use their free will in good ways and bad ways. They couldn’t believe that a single chosen people was blessed by God while the rest of humanity was cursed. They couldn’t believe that a God of love would have condemned untold billions to eternal torment for simply for being born at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and worshipping God by the wrong name. Many Disciples of Anti-Wrath came to reject the Bible. And wrathful religion. And the God of wrath. 


The fifth version of Christianity is yet another attempt to revive Augustine’s Gospel of Wrath. Its cornerstone is once again the ‘original sin’ of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This ‘historical’ rebellion is the cause of God’s wrath and universal damnation of the human race. Augustine, Luther, and Calvin lived in eras when the age of the world was unknown. There was no historical or scientific evidence to prove or disprove that human life had been around before 4,000 BC, or that animals had been living and dying for millions of years, or that the universe had existed for billions of years. For Augustine, Luther, and Calvin there was no conflict between history, science, and religion.That changed dramatically in the 19th century as startling discoveries were made in archeology, biology and geology. The new Gospel of Wrath did not flinch. It doubled down on its so-called ‘biblical’ theology. The Bible is inerrant truth, they declared, while science is nothing but flawed humans fumbling in the dark. This new Gospel of Wrath declared that their god created a perfect universe 6,000 years ago. Prior to the human rebellion in Eden there was no sin, suffering, evil or death in their god’s perfect creation. No animals had died prior to Eden. Dinosaurs had co-existed with Adam and Eve. The new Disciples of Wrath are Young Earth Creationists. If science disagrees with them, that is because scientists are god-hating atheists. If historians disagree, they are also enemies of their wrathful god.  The world of Young Earth Creationists is full of God-hating atheists, God-hating liberals, God-hating perverts, God-hating Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and approximately 95% of the human race.  This new version of the Gospel of Wrath is uglier and angrier. Augustine would have rejected their incoherent belief system. Luther and Calvin would have heaped scorn on muddle-headed heretics who claim that the damned can exercise freewill to escape their predestined fate.  This version of the Gospel of Wrath has set a new standard for making so-called Christianity, its bible, and its god objects of ridicule and scorn.  


Many people hate religion in general, and Christianity in particular, because of the Gospel of Wrath. Disciples of Wrath hate to be told that their beliefs are unbiblical, ungodly and inhuman. They pay lip service to the Gospel of Love but deny it to everyone who refuses to submit to their ugly Gospel of Wrath. Disciples of Anti-Wrath shrug, turn away, and go about their private business. The Believer’s Dilemma offers a clear exposition of these antagonistic, incompatible versions of ‘Christianity.’  Explore the evidence. Then you decide. You have the freedom of will to choose your belief system. And an eternal responsibility to choose wisely.


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