Imputed Original Sin versus Real Personal Sin

Original Sin v Personal Sin



Sin is something polite people don’t discuss in public.  Many churches also avoid the subject so as not to offend their congregation with old fashioned Hell Fire and Brimstone fear-mongering. That is a sure-fire indicator of the Gospel of Anti-wrath.


An equally sure-fire indicator of the Gospel of Wrath is an obsession with Original Sin: inherited, Imputed, and imaginary. Disciples of Wrath in the days of Augustine taught that unbaptised infants merited eternal torment for their inherited sinfulness. Modern Disciples of Wrath are inclined to give infants a free pass to heaven, but they still preach eternal torment for all adult non-Christians.  Disciples of Wrath have always been far more concerned with ‘fixing’ the imputed problem of Original Sin than in wrestling with the real problem of personal sin.


Personal sin is the cause of terrible suffering.  We are not born evil, but we are born fearful and ignorant. Despite our best efforts, we repeatedly inflict unintended suffering even on those we love most deeply. Remedies to sin are available.  The Gospel of Love offers a path to sanctification.  


Personal sin is a painful reality.  Every ‘good’ religion and philosophy tries to elevate consciousness and reduce suffering.  You are responsible for the suffering you cause. What are you doing about it?  


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