So Much Anger. Wrathful God? Wrathful people?

 so much anger

Many people in the modern world fear religion. Some despise religion.

Especially foreign religions that blindly obey wrathful Gods.


Is the problem religion? 

Religions created by wrathful gods?

Or wrathful people?


A small percentage of Muslims take up arms to fight Jihad against infidels.

Only about 20% of Christians proclaim that God hates non-Christians. And most of them don’t really believe it. The threat of hell is a marketing tool to convert ‘lost sinners.’


When a few cells become cancerous the entire body is not sick.

Successful treatment requires accurate diagnosis - to distinguish healthy cells from malignant mutants.   


How many Christians, puzzled that so many people hate their religion, have chosen to ignore Disciples of Wrath as harmless cranks spitting their venom on street corners and polluting ‘Christians’ media?

How many people, who do not believe that their God condemns all non-Christians to eternal torment, have accepted the Gospel of Wrath as an ‘acceptable’ version of Christianity?


Cancer should never be ignored or defended as ‘harmless.’ 


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