Christianity is Not a Religion.

If it were a single, coherent belief system its adherents would share most of the same beliefs and values. Christianity can be broken down into five major ‘religions.’

Imputed Original Sin versus Real Personal Sin

Personal sin is a painful reality. Every ‘good’ religion and philosophy tries to elevate consciousness and reduce suffering. You are responsible for the suffering you cause. What are you doing about it?

Why does human nature appear to be a mixture of good and evil?

The Judeo-Christian story of Genesis states that human nature was created perfectly good. The Augustinian doctrine of Original Sin states that after the Fall, human nature became so sinful that even newborn babes were subject to divine wrath. Luther and Calvin revived Augustine’s ideas about Original Sin and depravity. The modern world is more inclined to think of human nature as complex, composite and contradictory. All theories of salvation flow directly from our understanding of sinfulness and the human propensity for evil.

So Much Anger. Wrathful God? Wrathful people?

Many people in the modern world fear religion. Some despise religion. Especially foreign religions that blindly obey wrathful Gods.

Is there a Church anywhere that teaches the Gospel of Love?

I was raised in a Four Square, Bible-believing church. Underneath the fellowship and prayer was a disturbing darkness that you call the Gospel of Wrath. As a young adult I left the church and lost a lot of friends. When I became a mother I wanted my children to know Jesus so we started attending a very Liberal church that was welcoming but its ‘Gospel of Antiwrath’ was powerless to create any sense of awe or instill a belief in the reality of God. My kids drifted away. Is there a Church anywhere that teaches the Gospel of Love? UC

Prayer Shaming

Are terrible things happening more frequently because God is angry and permitting them to happen?

Can a minster of religion be an atheist?

I was surprised, but not shocked, to learn that one of the congregations in my denomination is led by a self-confessed atheist whose ‘post-theistic community focuses on cares and spirituality, without resorting to scripture, or prayer, or mentioning the word God.’ I have been proud to be part of a church that welcomes the divorced, unmarried couples, homosexuals, skeptics and doubters but now God is excluded. Is this the inevitable destination for disciples of Anti-wrath?

Is Christian Evangelisation a ‘Bait and Switch’ Scam?

Christian evangelisation is a ‘bait and switch’ scam. First it offers love and logic then moves into suffering and sin and offers a solution. Just when Christianity catches your attention, the pitch switches to threats of eternal damnation if you don’t accept. Is this what you mean by a gospel of love v gospel of wrath?

Pervasive Original Sin

The Doctrine of Original Sin is so pervasive throughout mainstream Western Christian thought that it is hard for theologians and pastors to give it up. Yet the notion that babies are all depraved and tainted with guilt from Adam’s sin flatly contradicts Genesis. How well are you doing in getting people to understand the fallacy of the Doctrine of Original Sin

Should We Expect a Literal, Future Resurrection?

This website offers some interesting insights into original sin and the reason why Young Earth Creationists are so fixated on Eden as a literal, historical event. It is puzzling that you appear to place so much importance on a literal, future resurrection of the dead. Why replace one form of Bible literalism with another?

Do Babies Go To Heaven?

The magazine Christianity Today recently published an article entitled: Do Babies Go To Heaven? What a tragedy that the teachings of Jesus have been so badly perverted by what you call the Gospel of Wrath that anyone could even suspect otherwise. Why do church leaders and theologians tolerate that such terrible ideas persist?

Why Is Christmas 'Out of Season' in the Modern World?

The world I was born into was Christian. Everyone went to church and shared the same beliefs. Now we are surrounded by people of other beliefs. We all say ‘Happy Holidays’ to offend no one. Jesus is still the reason for the season. It needs to be boldly proclaimed. If not, what weak and wishy-washy thing has Christianity become?

Death Spiral In Liberal Christians Churches

Ross Douthat published a column in this morning’s New York Times entitled – Can Liberal Christianity be Saved? His conclusion is that Liberals have nothing to offer that can’t be found in purely secular social reform. He believes that liberal churches will continue to diminish and die unless they recover ‘a religious reason for their existence.’ Is original sin a factor in this unhappy situation?

Michael Shermer predicts that Christians are about to abandon their hostility toward homosexuality

Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, recently declared: ‘Mark my words: I predict that within a few years, a decade at most, Christians will come around to treating gay men and lesbians no differently from how they now treat other groups whom they previously persecuted—women, Jews, blacks.’ Mr. Shermer appears to be blinded by wishful thinking. My fundamentalist ‘friends’ are more likely to accept that the Bible is a work of fiction. What does The Believer’s Dilemma think?

Perry Stone and the Gospel of Wrath

I recently came across this video sermon by Perry Stone, which seems to me to be a masterpiece of half-truths, historical/political misrepresentation, religious manipulation and fundraising. But Stone never mentions Original Sin or damnation of non-Christians, so how does this message relate to the Gospel of Wrath?

Genetically Transmitted Altruism or Inherited Total Depravity?

I am a biology student fascinated by the work of Frans de Waal on the genetic origin of altruism, and not just among humans but also among the higher primates. Does this genetically inherited ‘goodness’ disprove the doctrine of original sin?

The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin

Newsweek recently published a cover story entitled The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin which criticised Christians who badly misunderstand and misrepresent their faith.

Philip Yancey - Vanishing Grace

I started reading Philip Yancey’s new book ‘Vanishing Grace’ after spending some time on ‘The Believer’s Dilemma’ website. It seems to me that Yancey is urging Christians to restore the Gospel of Love, although he never specifically mentions the Gospel of Wrath or the Gospel of Anti-wrath as the reason that Grace is vanishing. Can Christianity be restored without addressing the wrathful past?

How is it possible to identify the evil elements within religions?

This has started out a terrible year of religious violence with 12 Charlie Hebdo cartoonists murdered in France for mocking the Prophet Muhammad, and as many 2,000 villagers slaughtered in Nigeria by Boko Haram soldiers for no obvious reason whatsoever. How is it possible to identify the evil elements within religions?

Can this Gospel of Love really be reconciled with what the Bible teaches?

Your website resonates with me, but a little guy on my shoulder keeps interrupting saying, "Yes, sure you like this approach better, it somewhat lets you off the hook. You want the Bible to say what you want it to say." And then a little man on the other shoulder says, "You don't write the rules, God does." Can this Gospel of Love really be reconciled with what the Bible teaches?

James White vs Chuch Smith regarding freewill vs sovereign election

I have been thinking a lot about freewill and predestination. The Bible speaks about God’s predestination as a fact. Luther and Calvin argued that divine predestination was absolutely irreconcilable with human freewill. Common sense suggests they necessarily coexist. What does salvation mean if we have no choice or responsibility in the matter?

Can preaching the gospel be considered a hate crime?

I love God I and I love every human being made in God’s image. I pray they will all be saved from sin and spend eternity in heaven. I preach this gospel honestly, lovingly and Biblically to everyone I meet. I have been warned that preaching the gospel of God’s love could be considered a hate crime. How is this possible?

In a nutshell, what is this website saying?

I am not a theologian or a historian. I’ve skimmed over your site and a lot of stuff is too deep for me to fathom although I like the idea of free will and personal responsibility rather than an angry God. In a nutshell, what are you saying? What religion is it?

Does God Hate Atheism?

I was raised in a Bible-believing Church which taught that God shapes believers through steady divine intervention. As a young person I stopped believing the Bible is inerrant. That opened the floodgate to questions and doubts about how God acts in the world, when and why. Frankly I think that natural law and free will explain the world better than the God of my youth. This feels like atheism which God, allegedly hates. What do you think?

Atheist Comedian Tim Minchin Raises Good Questions

An atheist friend sends me video clips of a comedian named Tim Minchin. At first I was offended by the vulgarity and anti-religious hostility. But the videos raise good questions. If God can intervene any time He likes, why does He heal minor illnesses for church-goers yet permit absolutely horrible things to happen all around the world?

Did thalidomide cause deformities in hundreds of thousands of babies, or was it God?

Thalidomide is back in the news. The manufacturers were the villains. Yet some of my fundamentalist relatives continue to insist that no baby is born deformed unless God wills it. How would you link this belief to original sin?

Pope Francis on abortion

Pope Francis made a statement last week criticizing the Church’s narrow obsession with abortion, gay marriage and contraception. These views were refreshing for liberals, but shocking for conservatives. The very next day Pope Francis turned around and strongly condemned abortion as part of our ‘throw away culture.’ Is he defending the Gospel of Wrath or Anti-Wrath?

Horrified to see Christians reacting to the suicide of Rick Warren’s son as if they ‘deserved’ to be punished

I found Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life inspirational and was surprised that many Christian leaders (including my own pastor) found it objectionable. This past week I was horrified to see fellow Christians reacting to the suicide of Rick Warren’s son as if Pastor Warren and his son ‘deserved’ to be punished. Is this part of what you call ‘The Gospel of Wrath’?

When did religious faith become synonymous with willful ignorance?

As a recent immigrant to North America I have been astonished to discover how many people who call themselves ‘Christians’ defend scientific ideas that are hundreds of years out of date. Why do so many ‘Christians’ fight against science to defend Young Earth Creationism? When did religious faith become synonymous with wilful ignorance?

Can the Christian Message be Condemned as Hate Speech?

During the recent American presidential election president Obama was accused of passing laws that persecute Christians for ‘hate speech’ if they preach Biblical doctrines about sin. Is this a coordinated attack against religion? Or is the ‘hate speech’ which is being defended synonymous with what you call the ‘Gospel of Wrath’?

Hell Fire for Non-Christians and Impunity from Sin for Christians?

I used to listen to Christian radio for inspiration but now all I hear is threats of Hell for non-Christians, for bad Christians, for doubting Christians. At the same time I hear that no sin is too great to be forgiven, and all sins of believers are forgiven. The result is complacent Christians who sin with impunity while threatening all ‘non-Christians’ with eternal torment for lives that are no better or worse. Is all of this linked to Original Sin?

Why do Christians Persecute Gays and Lesbians?

My heart bleeds for you religious people – NOT! For centuries Christians and Muslims have persecuted homosexuals and now you’re crying because the world finally sees you for the haters you are. Boo hoo. When are you going to shed a sincere tear for the millions of gays and lesbians you’ve tormented and destroyed?

Does China Need Missionaries to Save the Lost?

When I was young I dreamed of being a missionary in China where the Gospel was forbidden. Now that China is open and I’m old enough to go, I’m having second thoughts. I would be happy to preach the Love of Jesus and the healing power of faith, but I won’t threaten non-believers with eternal damnation. Is this cowardly? Is it heretical?

Did the Violence of the Crucifixion Make Christianity a Violent Religion?

One question that has always puzzled me is the brutal death of Jesus. There is so much horror and recrimination (particularly against Jews) associated with the crucifixion. Did the violence of the crucifixion somehow lead to the wrath-like tendencies in Christianity?

Why Do So Many Christians Demonize Muslins?

You think Christianity is a tough cross to bear? I have an Arab name, Middle-Eastern genes, and I pray five times a day, often in public. I am suspect to employers and landlords. Air travel has become an ordeal. My only ‘crime’ is to love God. You Christians could empathize. Why have so many of you demonized Muslims?

Why Do Christians Consider Jews to be 'Lost'?

I am Jewish. I practice the same faith as my ancestors who have maintained the religion of David, Solomon, Moses, and Abraham. I understand that these ‘Old Testament’ Patriarchs are respected and revered by Christians, while modern Jews are ‘lost’ and condemned in the eyes of Christians. Do we not worship the same God?

Are Catholics Saved?

I don’t know any Protestants who think Catholics aren’t saved. We have some different traditions of course, but nothing that affects salvation. Conflicts were settled centuries ago. We are certainly not throwing bombs into one another’s churches. Why are you making modern Christianity sound so violent and ugly?

Original Sin Widely Misunderstood

Original Sin is the most misunderstood doctrine in the history of religion. Augustine established the concept, Luther and Calvin revived it, and the modern Church is deeply divided between defenders and deniers. But do really think the majority of Christians want to remove this ugly piece of theology from ‘the books’?

Is Salvation Individual or Collective?

Many modern Christians speak about sin in the individual sense, as if salvation is about ‘me getting saved and going to heaven.’ But much of the Hebrew bible and even the Greek NT understand sin in the corporate sense. It’s not just that I need to work out my salvation, but we need to work together to build the kingdom of God, where peace and justice prevail. Isn’t true salvation about living with others in such a way that the kingdom of God is built here on earth?

Why Do Modern Christians Still Cling to the Gospel of Wrath?

Last week you presented how the Gospel of Wrath originated. The narrowness may have made sense when people could believe that God created the entire universe a few thousand years ago and when the ‘known’ world was Christian. How is it possible for modern Christians to believe in a God of love and justice who denied salvation to multitudes in most periods of history and most countries of the world?

Inherent Problems with Mass Resurrection

Is there not an inherent problem with a mass resurrection of human bodies i.e. a lack of room for a happily sustained total population? According to recent calculations, more than 100 billion humans have lived on the earth since the Bronze Age. Even with economics and technology many leaps ahead of what we know today, how could more than 100 billion coexist on this planet?

Are Religions Manmade Inventions?

Religions can do good. They can do evil. And they all disagree about what is good and evil, even among themselves. So we see Catholic Christians vs Protestant Christians, Sunni Muslims vs Shia Muslim, and Orthodox Jews vs secular Jews. It would be comical if it were not so tragic. Can any rational person doubt that religions disagree because they are all manmade inventions?

Old Music v New Music

My church is having a big conflict over music. The young people want to sing contemporary Christian music. Our minister says that kind of music is OK for Friday night Youth Group but not Sunday morning in church. He won’t budge. Some of us are thinking of changing churches, but that seems wrong. How can we work this out?

What's Wrong With Traditional Christianity?

I used to be like the street preacher in your video, always telling my family and friends that God loves them. I sincerely believed it and could never understand why so many people refused to be ‘saved.’ But in the back of my mind I had questions. Your website makes things clearer, but can you explain simply what’s wrong with ‘traditional’ Christianity and why?

Is the King James Bible the Only Inspired Version?

This year (2011) is the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible. Personally, I read the NIV because I’ve always found the KJV as obscure and difficult as Shakespeare. The Bible is hard enough to understand without trying to decipher a foreign language. But there are old-timers in my church absolutely convinced that God dictated Holy Scripture di

Contemporary Calvinism has Little in Common with Classical Calvinism

Some of your simplistic correlations are helpful to grasp historical doctrinal differences (eg. a-millennial/Catholic, post-millennial/Calvinist, pre-millennial/Charismatic). I can’t speak for Catholics or Charismatics, but modern Calvinists (I am a Baptist) recognize almost nothing of our beliefs in Classical Calvinism. What is the point of reducing Christianity to old, narrow categories that are meaningless to contemporary Christians?

Is the 1000 Year Resurrection in Revelations 20 a Literal, Future Event?

You frequently mention the 1000 year resurrection from Revelation 20. It suggests answers to a lot of things that have always bothered me but it is so unlike everything I’ve always been taught that I can’t grasp how it is possible. Can you explain it simply?

Why Can't Skeptical Christians Just Trust and Obey?

I give you the benefit of doubt that truth is important to you. What do you hope to achieve by asking so many questions? Do you want to confuse impressionable youth? Do you want to undermine the faith of simple believers? If you really love God, why can’t you just trust and obey?

How Can a Lost World Be Saved Unless We Preach the Gospel?

Jesus said, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ (John 14:6) If someone can receive eternal salvation just by being a ‘good person’ why did Jesus pour out his precious blood to be our personal Saviour? If sinners can get to heaven another way than through Jesus Christ, why do we send missionaries around the world preaching the gospel?

Billy Graham Evangelizes a Sin-Sick World

I became a born again believer at a Billy Graham rally many years ago. God opened my eyes to see I was a hopeless sinner and I gave my heart to Jesus. Sure God loved me but sin must be punished. That’s why Jesus died on the cross for me. Billy Graham has taught the pure salvation message generation after generation. The gospel is eternal. How can you read Revelation 22:18-19 and not tremble?

Why Are You Providing Ammunition for the Enemy?

No amount of book knowledge can make a born again believer filled with the Holy Spirit. A true Christian does not questions the authority of God’s Holy Word or mock heroes of the faith. If you claim to be a true Christian why are you providing ammunition for the enemy?

Making Christianity Popular for Contemporary Culture

Your defence of God’s love is superficially compelling. It is an idea that appeals to the more-merciful-than-thou crowd which finds the idea of hell very difficult to stomach. Are you following in the footsteps of people like Rob Bell, who has twisted the Christian message to make it warm, kind and popular for contemporary culture?

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